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B&N Cafe

At our last gig one week ago at The Networking Cafe, Bayonne, we learned that Dave Jiji is moving to Florida with his family in the upcoming months.  It has been a great pleasure to work with Dave and his family.  They have always been great supporters and have proved true friends over the last 16 years that they have been in business at this location.  Dave's dad was on hand for our last performance which happened to be on his 94th birthday and we celebrated by singing to him.  

Barbara Beeman sings Tom Wesselmann's Song "Pictures on the Wall of Your Heart"

From time to time, we will post updates on what's happening with the band -  we also will reflect on personal historical events so you can get a true flavor of our unique TIME MACHINE of songs. 

Our reference to the Time Machine comes from Warren Gardner's guitar which he played fluidly & tastefully in Carter Family style. The words Time Machine were photomontaged onto his guitar and he always took you back through time with his playing and childlike enthusiasm for the music.  The music of Bannon & Beeman extends back in time from the Carter Family, Ruth Etting, Annette Hanshaw, Lottie Kimbrough Beeman, Django, Cheap Suit Serenaders, Insect Trust, Incredible String Band and Richard Thompson.  The music of John Parrott has references to many of the blues musicians who he has been involved with personally which include Furry Lewis, Booker White, & Sleepy John Estes. In the jazz field John's influences include Louis Armstrong & Django.  And of course, John is ever the composer and has written hundreds of beautifully crafted tunes in all genres.

Unlike our friend Pat Conte's Secret Museum of Mankind which is a collection of music around the world from the 1920's and 1930's, we will show a bit of our connection with the history of American song and hopefully you will enjoy our own secret collection from the archives of our personal attraction for music. 


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