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The Ways of Man

Barbara Beeman, Bill Bannon & John Parrott
John Parrott


THE WAYS OF MAN - by John Parrott

You watched him cheating at cards

his clothes were so cool

thrillingly handsome,  broke every rule

honesty was something he didn't do

what made you think, he'd be different with


Somewhere between these intervening lifelines,

something is lost, unnoticed unplanned

Something goes missing, how can you define it

I can't even fathom myself

Oh, the ways of man

She was cheating on someone when you first met her

lazy, self-centered, casually cruel

Relentlessly searching for the next thing she wanted

What made you think, she'd be different with


She told you she loved you

You thought she could change

Maybe she could if she wanted to

You conveniently forgot she is a liar

What made you think, she's be different with